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Acceptance of the pain as an illness is a very important concept. There are actually scales that measure a person’s degree of acceptance. The road to acceptance of a chronic illness can be littered with many wrong turns along the way, searches for instant cures. ┬áIn the end, when people have accepted that they have a chronic illness, when they know the situation is bad but they don’t have to give up and suffer, they can accept that the pain is chronic; there is no cure and it needs to be managed. This relieves a lot of inner angst, where patients feel driven to find a cure. So we do promote acceptance. Acceptance does not mean resignation; people need to realize that much can be done about the headaches.

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  • Linda Zamarocy:

    I am a 53 year old woman and had my 1st Cluster Headache at the age of 21. This post is so true. For the 1st 10 years of having Clusters my husband and I would try to schedule vacations around my headache season. I had episodic cluster. It was very depressing. I always felt sorry for my self and would say what could I have done to deserve a curse like Cluster headaches. 10 years into having Cluster I went Chronic. I didn’t know you could go chronic. I had Clusters every single day and night for 14 straight months. It was the worse time in my husbands and my life. I wanted to die, I was affraid to sleep and when I did sleep it was like clock work, 2 hours and BANG you are awake with a pain that cannot be put into words. After that 14 month stretch I went back to Episodic Clusters. I know there is no cure and now when I go into season I say to myself, ok Linda you can do this it’s eight weeks and you are free again to enjoy your life. I call Dr. Robbins tell him I went into season and he treats my pain with whatever he can. After my episode going chronic I know it could be worse and am very thankful when I am Cluster free. I have accepted my illness and know there is no cure and nothing will change that.

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